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Telephone: 512-892-0400

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Lenders Protection Overview

Lenders Protection is a risk management program featuring default insurance coverage for near/non-prime automobile loans. Lenders Protection allows financial institutions and other automobile lenders to model their specific overhead and funding costs and set desired ROA target for their insured portfolio. The result is a profitable auto loan portfolio with carefully managed pricing and risk characteristics.

The Lenders Protection Program helps lenders harvest more approved and funded loans from their existing flow of applications, and it can help increase application volume and dealer relationships. Lenders Protection provides loan approvals with technology that instantaneously delivers rapid underwriting and a default insurance commitment in seconds.

Lenders will:
  • Significantly increase their vehicle lending volumes
  • Improve the profitability of their lending operations
  • Enhance the services they deliver to their borrowers
  • Increase net yields on loan assets
  • Improve a greater range of loans in terms of risk, term and amount financed
  • Share default risk with a highly rated insurance company
  • Fully retain control over credit decisions and loan servicing